product photographer



Alexia Guuinic

Born in Paris, Alexia Guuinic grew up a few miles away from the iconic Eiffel Tower. Since then, she has worked in several cities – Mexico, Barcelona, Toronto, Montreal and Los Angeles where she worked in a headshot studio.

Prior to entering the world of photography, Alexia worked in marketing gourmet food and wine industry, as well as baby and children products. This experience got her to train a keen eye for images that work from a commercial point of view. Combined with her unique artistic perspective, this strategic approach makes Alexia's work a distinct and delightful visual feast.

Her client list includes: Angelcare Monitors Inc., IRC, Duverger Macarons, Bonjour Baby LA., among others. Alexia is now based in Amherst, Massachusetts, and available for contract work.

Photo credit : Sandra Feller